Your First Visit

What to Expect at your new patient visit
After reviewing your medical and dental history, our clinical staff will gather some specific data to facilitate your dental exam and treatment. The first step will be to acquire radiographic images of the teeth and bone which include full mouth series xrays. This is the most basic and conservative radiographic survey we can provide and is performed using Digital Radiographic equipment. The bitewing will act as “cavity detectors” while the periapical xrays will help us with detecting generalized bone loss, and any preapical pathology.

Next, our hygienists will gather data on the health of your gums and bone around your teeth. The comprehensive periodontal exam will measure the depth of the pocket between your teeth and gums. If no gum disease is detected through these measurements you may have a regular teeth cleaning. If gum disease is detected, Dr. Eslami will visit with you about how to care for your condition and a treatment appointment will be scheduled. Please note, if active gum disease is detected, we will not be able to clean your teeth during your first visit.

Then Dr. Eslami will perform a thorough comprehensive exam which will include oral cancer screening, review of periodontal findings and xrays and a clinical exam of oral cavity to review teeth for any fractures, cavities or other adverse conditions. She will then present you with your treatment options and address any of your concerns and questions.

  • Your First Visit