Dental Implants and their Benefits

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Dental Implants and their Benefits

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The field of dentistry and medical care has changed quite a lot over the centuries. From the idea of worms residing in your teeth to 3-D imagery, dental theory, and oral care technology act as a reflection of our current societal state. We can offer more now than we did merely a decade ago. And our progress drastically improves the lives of people who suffer from the ravages of tooth decay. One of the more innovative ways that the dental industry has done this is the utilization of dental implants. In the past few decades there has been great advancement in implant dentistry in both material, technique and esthetic. Implant dentistry ranges from replacing single tooth, to multiple teeth to full mouth rehabs involving fixed denture supported implants, known as All-on-4.

The Purpose of Dental Implants

For the most part, implants are a necessity for patients who have lost their teeth. After all, our teeth are responsible for things like breaking down food, play a part in our speech patterns, and provide lip and facial support preserving a natural smile. For the most part, implants can help do those jobs after tooth loss.

They also prevent the shifting of teeth into the empty spaces that the lost tooth has left behind. Dental implants can also work towards the preservation of the jawbone. According to, “If you choose to place a fixed bridge instead of getting a dental implant, your jawbone will eventually begin to deteriorate underneath the missing tooth. This occurs because you don’t receive adequate stimulation to the bone without a tooth root. “

Dental implants are great treatment options as opposed to bridge or full dentures as they preserve bone, restore function and esthetic, miming natural dentition without compromising adjacent teeth. Dental implants have 99% success rate, making them superior to fixed bridge in function and longevity.

Modern Dental Implant parts

The structure of a dental implant has three major parts.  There is the base, the abutment and the crown.

  • Base: A titanium screw that is placed in the jawbone in the place of the missing tooth. It fuses with natural bone to provide a safe, stable base. The healing phase can range from 3-6 months.
  • Abutment:Abutment which is screwed into the implant fixture is used to support the implant crown.
  • Crown: The tooth-like part of the implant, usually made of ceramic material, designed to restore function and esthetic.

There are more than 60 US manufacturers of dental implants, explains the different parts of dental implants in a nutshell. The most common brands are Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Biomet,and Straumann dental implants.

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